RJBF is a leading Global
Alternative Asset Manager

RJBF partners are pension funds,
university endowments, foundations,
accredited investors, and
high net worth individuals

RJBF is a global
private equity company
that focuses on
natural resources

We grow and improve renewable energy businesses.

RJBF focuses on the production, sourcing, processing, refinement, transport, storage, financing and supply of metals and minerals, energy products and agricultural products. We intend to build upon our position and become one of the worlds largest physical commodity suppliers and track record of extending product and geographical range by continuing to target market .share increases and expansion in emerging markets.

Our knowledge and positions within industrial assets are an important component of our physical sourcing strategy for our marketing activities. RJBF believes these investments provide a competitive advantage over our competitors. The needs and requirements of the 21st century globe for energy, water, and iron ore, gold, and wheat, silver, copper and waste treatment are indispensable to the economic and social development of over seven billion human beings. Because these activities are at stake environmentally and socially for the planet, R.J. Beatty Financial aims to become a major benchmark in sustainable development. R.J. Beatty Financial can bring solutions to the ever increasing challenges of industrial development and requirements.

We have continued our history of innovation by establishing new strategies that leverage the power of our brand and the intellectual capital in our private equity business. We capitalize on the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our history.

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